Hacker Mediation, Cyber Recovery & Cyber Crisis Management

The worst has happened. You’ve been hacked, and you don’t know what to do.
Here are 3 solutions we conduct to help you overcome the attack.

1. Hacker Mediation

The worst has happened. You’ve been hacked, and you don’t know what to do.Don’t worry! We are here for you. We can attempt to make contact with the hackers involved, and do whatever necessary to save you money. With Threat Actor Groups, – there are typically always traces, of which we can use to source locations and potentially identities of those involved. This can bring with it a fair bit of negotiating power.We would always advise in the first instance not to pay a ransom. There’s no assurance the encryption key will work – nor that you’ll get your systems back entirely. Utilizing us to negotiate on your behalf, ensures secure negotiations and determined risks & outcomes. We can also facilitate the payment in bitcoin, using our knowledge of the bestMediation cases are charged on a case by case basis, as per our success.

Ransomware Solutions

Initially, we will undertake Ransomware Removal Services to try and fix it ourselves, without you paying the criminals. We can identify the type of Ransomware, which gives us a clearer idea of how to tackle it. We have access to a variety of Decrypter tools to use, of which in lower-level quality hacks – can have success.An agreed fee to remove the Ransomware will be discussed between client and Ethically prior to it taking place. Subsequent to removing Ransomware, a swift and robust overhaul of security is recommended as you are potentially still vulnerable.However, with the vast amount of Ransomware out there (Dharma, Maze, RYUK, Sodinokibi etc) – this isn’t always possible. Sometimes, it’s best to pay a mediated ransom, and secure your systems after. Not paying and losing your data altogether will usually cost more.

2. Cyber Recovery

Recovering from an attack can be both emotionally and financially constraining. Post Cyber Attack, we can support with your recovery and downtime reduction. Ensuring your business gets up and running as soon as possible is our top priority.Each recovery journey is different depending on the size/scale of the attack. Ethically can support with your recovery by helping to rebuild systems. We do this by providing a resilient backup to major data. Ensuring an effective rebuild can reduce expense and lost revenue.Ensuring maximum data recovery after a Ransomware attack is essential to your ongoing viability.

3. Cyber Crisis Management & Response

After resolving the attack itself – managing it effectively within the press is vital. How you act and deal with an attack feeds in to your customers and shareholder confidence. Dealing with the public and reputational damage is part of an effective Cyber Security Recovery Plan.By working with Ethically Hacking – you are showing your customers that you take Cyber Security seriously, and in turn their data. Our Cyber Incident Management ensures coherence after the worst has happened. We can support with Public Relations and Compliance Issues.