Cyber Security Audit & Strategy

After the initial consultation – we will devise a bespoke Cyber Audit, and Cyber Security Strategy.

Cyber Audit

The initial auditing is the setup component of which addresses existing issues in a site. During the Audit process, we can undertake a combination of Internal and External Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment Scans and Cyber Risk Analysis to ascertain access points within your website or network.The Cyber Audit will provide recommendations to you in relation to your Cyber Security as a result of the above tests, with varying levels of importance – and the resolution. Where applicable – implementation work will be necessary in order to address the issues raised within the audit. Ethically can provide support to the client with network infrastructure changes if required, in addition to the audit.With your website, software, and systems ever-changing – and accesses frequently being added and removed, continuous vulnerability and pen testing is advised. The Cyber Risk Audit process is the initial setup and build phase.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is an analysis of potential accesses in a network – that could potentially be exploited. A multitude of different potential threats can come from the Vulnerability Assessment alone. These include:
  • Potential unauthorized cPanel access
  • Issues within website security certificate
  • Critical Access Point issues within a Database (Susceptible to SQL Injection Attack)
  • Wireless Network vulnerability within infrastructure
  • Hosting issues with a third party leaving the business vulnerable
  • Individual employee workstation threats
  • Programming language issues

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing on the other hand – is the process of using these identified vulnerabilities in the system and attempting to exploit them. Each individual vulnerability will have a different test, as they will be found in different areas of your network. For example – some vulnerabilities may exist through Wi-Fi connections, whereas others are within software. Thus, the process and how they are tested effectively changes accordingly.Many businesses conduct their own Penetration Tests – internally – as a way of finding issues. This helps – however it’s not going to be the perspective seen by an attacker, and wouldn’t remonstrate a real life scenario. Testing something from the inside is not a true reflection of your Cyber Defense, and wouldn’t emulate a real life cyber attack. With our testing process – a vigorous combination of both AI and Human hackers is more exemplary of a real – life hacking attack. Think about it – a hack doesn’t happen at 10AM Friday 27th – after a calendar invite, it happens at anytime – through any means.

Cyber Security Strategy

As a Managed Security Services Provider – in partnership with Fortinet, we will arrange either an immediate or ongoing strategy. We will arrange a prioritized course of action, to address Cyber Threats from Low to Severe.We provide each strategy as a result of our testing process. An effective combination of both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing provides us a more insightful overview – not just focusing on Cyber Threats immediately visible – but also those hidden in plain sight. A Cyber Attack is a complicated effort amongst typically a few operators, and a one dimensional line of attack wouldn’t be an attackers’ strategy. It’s important that your defense and thus your testing takes the same perspective.Only through an effective pentest on each individual vulnerability, can you be sure of your immediate network security.